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Art appreciation

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2013-05-16 11.16.49

Sam and I visited two good friends of mine at my old place of work this morning. There’s a nice collection of art on the campus which was not missed by Sam.2013-05-16 12.04.59

Like most toddlers, Sam sees everything. There’s a photograph of a field of cows behind the butcher counter at our local grocery store and each time we go he points to it and says ‘moo’. The butcher overhead this week and commented that he’d never noticed the cows before. Funny that, toddlers have a way of seeing little things that we adults rush pass and miss completely. The woven mural in the top picture is passed by hundreds of students a day during term time, but few of them probably have ever really noticed it. Not Sam, he oohed and aahed and pointed out the shapes and images. He’s an art lover :)
(The fact that his clothes match the art is a sheer coincidence of course.)

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