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Favourite Things: Toddler backpack & harness in one



I never really got the whole toddler harness idea, until Sam starting running that is.  Man can this kid move! Making this super adorable turtle backpack one of our new favourite things…LittleLife Animal Toddler Daysack - Turtle

I’ve always thought that kids on leashes, or leads, or harnesses (use whatever term you’d like!) was kind of awful. I’m not really sure why, because I associate them with dogs? Or maybe it just looked like the child was being held back from doing their own thing. Whatever it may have been, I would have sworn, many moons ago, that I wouldn’t be one of those parents. How wrong was I?

Because then Sam started walking. And climbing. And running! And there are times it is tough to keep up with him. How can legs that short move so darn fast? So when I saw this little backpack from LittleLife I thought it was the perfect thing.


Yes it’s a harness, but it’s quite cleverly disguised as a backpack. And rather than being seen by Sam as a way to reign him in, he sees it as his and a place to hold his treasures. We keep milk and snacks and sometimes toy cars in it. As he gets older I see him ‘packing’ it to head off for the day. Most of the time he uses it without out the lead attachment. But it’s there in case I need it, like when we’re walking on a dock and Sam decides that a swim might be nice!


2 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Toddler backpack & harness in one

  1. Safety IS the most important thing when it comes to my Sam! hugs from Grandma

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