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Honouring Motherhood



Perhaps it’s a little cliched to say that in becoming a Mom I’ve at last come to fully realise how amazing my own is, but cliches start somewhere and in my case, this one is definitely true. So this Mother’s Day… Dear Mom,

I’ve always known you were pretty amazing. You made childhood magical for Billy and I. You handmade Halloween candy for all of the kids you knew in the neighborhood. You let us run in to the ocean with all of our clothes on each summer when we arrived at the beach. Our birthday cakes were works of art each year, a caterpillar with licorice antennae and candy feet! And that was long before Martha or Pinterest came along for inspiration! You put little notes of encouragement and love in our lunchboxes. You were always on our side. If you hadn’t been who you are, I never would have become who I am.


So thank-you. For all of those late nights and early mornings. For looking after my through earaches and stitches and getting teeth pulled. For letting me get snot all over your housecoat when I cried and for not getting mad about the clothes I must have ruined with raspberry jam stains or chocolate, or (eek!) blood. For letting me build crazy forts in my bedroom with every pillow and sheet and blanket in the house. For not minding when I made my special concoctions in the kitchen blender on Saturday mornings. I think you might even have tasted the mayonnaise, chocolate syrup, mustard and flour mixes I made- brave! (I now think it might have been your concession to me being quietly occupied so you didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn!)


For driving me to all of those ballet classes and soccer games, school dances and friends’ houses. For staying up really late every time I went out so you’d knew I’d come home safely. For never once asking me not to when I told you I was following my heart to the other side of the Atlantic. For a (near) permanently sunny disposition. Because even when things were rough you could still manage a joke or at least a smile. For being an ideal Grandma to Sam, full of love and hugs and undivided attention. For so much more than this list could ever relate. And most of all, for showing me what it is to be a great Mother.

Images, top to bottom: My Mom on her honeymoon in Kennebunkport, Maine, 1972. What a style icon!; Celebrating at home, probably around 1981; Hanging by the pool in Myrtle Beach, 1984.

4 thoughts on “Honouring Motherhood

  1. A Most Happy, Happy Mother’s Day to you Lindsay and dear Daphne!

  2. How does one leave a reply to this, when the one is the Mother! From a small child I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom…I looked forward to it all my life! I planned, I dreamed and I delivered. I was told I couldn’t have children[ that is another story] but certainly did not accept that, and went ahead and had my 2 precious angels. Our first born [Biily] was tiny but mighty and then came our placid Lindsay. From a baby she was always in awe of her Billy and she spent hours chasing, running or just watching! I enjoyed each and every hour I had with my babies[still refer to them as that] and felt very fortunate to be able to do so. I was, and still am, surrounded by children…. my own,neighbors,friends,relatives and of course my students. I have also been blessed with 2 more little angels….my grandbabies…..Sam and Maddie! They are of course THE two most beautiful babies in the world and oh how I enjoy them! Mothers Day to me is everyday but reading my Lindsays blog brought it all back. Lindsay is a beautiful mother to Sam and I see so much of myself in her….the fun,the silly times,laughing all the time,leaving her worries aside while with her SAM. Keep up the good job Lindsay, and just keep on enjoying motherhood.Thank you for your kind words sweetie! hugs mom

    • You go girl!!!!! So good to see your writing on Lindsay’s blog. She does such a lovely job of it, huh? And the Mother’s Day note was such a beautiful tribute to you.

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