Sam I Am

We do so love that Sam I am – A blog about the joys of toddlerhood

This week we…



1. Ate my very own lemon cupcake and didn’t have to share with Mommy as usual.

2. Modeled Mommy’s hats as she put away our winter gear. She seems to think winter’s over, I’m not so sure.

3. Figured out how to climb on to the windowsill in my bedroom. Too bad my escape was thwarted by a safety latch!

4. Checked out fish, bunnies, gerbils and birds at the pet store. A great (read: free!) activity on a rainy morning.

5. Hung out in my awesome new teepee, made just for me by Mommy.

6. Wore my boots for a big walk in the woods. Man those trees are tall.


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