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Babies & Dogs: A love story


2013-05-09 13.03.20

Is there anything quite as precious as the relationship between a child and his or her dog? Now that Sam is wildly aware of the world around him, Mahler has become his best friend. It is both sweet and a big relief to us. Mahler was here first, so what if they didn’t get along? This is our story.

Our lovable big black dog came to us via the humane society. He’d been badly treated and was very skittish when we first brought him home. But in the 5 years he’s been with us he has blossomed into a totally sweet, loveable dog (unless you’re a postman, then you wouldn’t think he’s sweet at all).


So when baby was on his way, we were a little worried. What if Mahler didn’t adjust well to no longer being the centre of our world? What if he snapped at the baby? Or worse? My own parents had to resort to getting rid of a dog when my brother was born because he snapped at the baby and my Mom was just too nervous to have him in the house. Completely understandable. But the thought of no longer having my loving best friend broke my heart. So, we wished for the best and waited to see what would happen.

mahler and newborn sam

And do you know what? Mahler loved Sam. From the minute we brought him home, he assigned himself the role of guard dog. He sat watchfully beside Sam all day. And when Sam started sleeping in his big crib, Mahler would lie outside the door and alert me the moment Sam began stirring by pacing back and forth until I opened his door. It was just precious. Unfortunately for Mahler, the love went unrequited for about a year. Sam was blissfully unaware that he had a friend in the house. But now that he’s walking and talking and getting in to mischief on a regular basis, the two of the are thick as thieves. Mahler’s devotion is now being paid back in the form of cheerios.

mahler gets cheerios

2 thoughts on “Babies & Dogs: A love story

  1. Very sweet :) Before you know it, Sam and him will be the best of friends in the coming years and he’ll be able to look back on those memories one day when he gets his own first dog :)

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