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Favourite Things: Mom’s one line a day diary


2013-05-07 20.08.35

If my house were ever burning down, after my family were safe, this is without a doubt the one item I would save…I came across this diary while shopping online shortly before Sam was born and ordered it as a gift for myself. One line per day? I figured I could handle that despite the serious fatigue that was surely coming my way. And I have to say, it is one of my most treasured possessions. It’s also my go-to gift for any soon-to-be Mom’s. While we’ve taken countless photographs of Sam since his arrival, and cataloged all of his ‘firsts’ in a baby book, this little notebook is the place where I jot down the little things that happen each day. If they weren’t written down, I doubt I’d remember them a few months later, let alone years later when my baby is grown.

2013-05-07 20.08.55

Now that we’re in Sam’s second year it’s such a treat to read the passages from one year back while writing about my bouncing toddler. That the book continues for five years means that, with luck, it will mark the little moments in Sam’s life but also the growth of our family and the other big, and small, things that make up a life. It’s a lovely little treasure.


2 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Mom’s one line a day diary

  1. Oh, to be such an orgaanized mother, as to find time to write in a journal…that would be my Lindsay!What a gift to both yourself and Kevin as well as your Sam!

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