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Mm, Mm, Mmm: Toddler feed thyself

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2013-05-02 12.19.56

Sam just hit the 17 month mark and while he’s really good at feeding himself with his hands and forks are great fun for stabbing peas, spoons are still an awkward mess…

Since two of Sam’s favourite things to eat are yogurt (he calls it way way, no idea where that came from!) and fruit pots (we like these) we’re still spoon feeding him part of his meals. He’s getting pretty good with the spoon but there’s a part of me, that I don’t always like, that feels compelled to step in and do it for him. It’s part mess avoidance, part time crunch and part making sure he finishes. But as of this week I’m forcing myself to stop getting in his way and just let him do it himself. It will be messy, it will take longer and he might not get it all in his mouth, but that’s the toddlers, right?

giant fork

When all else fails a fork made for giants makes for an extra fun lunch :)

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