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Favourite Things: KidO picture books

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picture books

A recent article in my home paper shares the idea that children’s books comprised solely of images encourage more complex conversations with toddlers. An interesting find. Good thing these terrific little books from the wonderful toy company Kid O are a hit with Sam.Sam picture books

Sam loves to read and we’ve been reading to him every day since he was a newborn, as much because we love reading than for any other reason. Books were some of the first things I started buying for baby when I found out I was pregnant. Reading books, along the enjoyment of the story itself, is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend time together. My Mom read to me all the time and I can still remember the comfort of curling up with her. When Sam wakes early, as he did today, or gets a little tired before lunch, cuddling up with a book is a great way to chill out for a while and just have quiet time. That having him sit in my lap puts his little head right under my nose so I can smell his hair is an added bonus :-)

Sam chillin with a book

He even likes grabbing a book and sitting on his own, chillin, and having a read. It’s wonderful to see. Most of our books have words, so I know what we’ll be looking out for next time we visit the library.

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